Fotoblog o světě, ve kterém všichni žijeme. O světě, ve kterém se vše dá vyjádřit mnoha způsoby. O světě, jaký si sami vytváříme.

neděle, dubna 01, 2007



Blogger Virge said...

Really?!!!!! Here, in Canada, it's still white, white and white... so, no flowers :(


Blogger Trilo said...

2 virge: Yeah, real narcissus :-) We are crossing town with t-shirts while 28°C is here, in Czech Republic. Wintertime sucks in this republic. Little snow on mountains, lot of sludge in cities..
And what about Quebec? How much snow do you have in there?


Blogger Virge said...

We received about 2m of snow during last winter... Actually it's spring but it still snowing. We must wait maybe one more month to see green grass and flowers...

(Do you speak French?! Because I saw you went in France and French is my first language!)




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